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What's Up, Cupcake?: Creating Amazing Cupcakes

What's Up, Cupcake?: Creating Amazing Cupcakes (Snap) - Dana Meachen Rau So I've been thinking about recipe books lately, and the question is the same as for other activity books: is the experience of the book strong without doing the activity? IF not, I can look up cupcake recipes dozens of places online. So a recipe book has to clear not only the internet hurdle, but also the one about the aesthetic experience of reading the book.

I was imagining this book as a read-aloud. I think with the powerful original photos (shot in house at Capstone by Karon Dubke, just as Eric Gohl suggested would be the case) I could narrate my way through the recipe, pointing at the photo as if it were a diagram. Recipes beg to be read aloud with emphatic prosody. Favorite recipe books for me have a strong personal voice and this book was much more bare bones in the writing than I would have liked.