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Amazing Military Robots

Amazing Military Robots - Sean Price Third book in this series for me. This one was disappointing, because most of the 'robots' weren't really robots. They were just remote-controlled machines. Price gives an inclusive definition of robots on page 7, but I think most of us expect a robot to act based on its programming, not just R/C. I guess TV tipped things this direction when the Robot Wars shows were just R/C machines (one of the books in the series is about this). I don't know--what does 'robot' mean to you?

Now that I think about it, this is a good critique of a lot of the technology featured in the 5-book series. The word 'robot' is just an attractive device that the series doesn't follow through on very well.

Once again, good use of stock photography to put a whole book together with the various topics. Each photo was completely relevant, and it is still interesting to me that this is possible.

Lu, what is it your friend said about the current stock photography business that makes it hard for photographers to make a living?