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The Ultimate Collection of Pro Football Records

The Ultimate Collection of Pro Football Records - Shane Frederick This is an excellent example of a complex text format that is not about reading a lot of paragraphs. The overall point of the book is to present a catalog tables of records set in the NFL. The reading consists in knowing how to read and interpret the significance of each table. As such, a lot of context is missing and would have to be filled in with background knowledge about the game--the book would be best read with a long-time football fan. And I fear that these simple record tables pale in comparison to the kind of table/chart analysis people do to play fantasy football. I hear more and more kids talking about that game.

Still, there is always that background conversation about 'who was the greatest x'. So i think for sparking football conversation and getting a group of kids huddled around a book looking at the stats, this is a good pick. I'm an occasional football fan, and found it interesting enough to spend time with.

One of my wishes for a book like this is that it would provide the most direct information possible to get me to video clips of some of the more amazing records. Only four people have kicked a 63-yard field goal in the history of the NFL (one happened in 2012, after the book went to press). I had to search around quite a bit to find all of them in video on NFL.com or youtube. I imagine these clips are out there, and that's some of the media research I'd like to see Eric Gohr doing over at Capstone!