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Valentine Be Mine

Valentine Be Mine - Jacqueline Farmer, Megan Halsey, Sean Addy Farmer's book was the basic set of historical facts on where Valentine's Day originated. Farmer debunks the old idea that this Catholic holiday was connected to an earlier Roman festival. She cites 'recent research', but the book has no source notes or bibliography to credit her sources. Unfortunately, the text of this book offers very little beyond the Wikipedia entry. The writing doesn't do much to create an overarching narrative or questions to be answered, so I am left wondering why this mirror of the internet gets to be printed on paper, hard-cover, and full color.

Halsey & Addy's collaged illustrations on canvas background gave the impression of beautiful valentines hand-made from ephemera. This was a fun style to look at and would make for a fun project to mimic. Farmer did add a couple of how-to instructions in the book to encourage this kind of project.