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DK Eyewitness Books: Cat

DK Eyewitness Books: Cat - Juliet Clutton-Brock I'm a fan of the Eyewitness format. DK learned the best of what they could from magazine graphic design and has applied a powerful template. My son Alma loves this series, including the videos.

This book and Jenkins' Dog & Cat book both presented incorrect information about the cat's collarbone. I found the right answers on wikipedia and other internet sources. This was disappointing. What kind of research standard is there here?

KOBO: The ereader displays only half the double spread at a time, which interrupts the Eyewitness formula of one dominant central image that crosses the gutter and takes up most of the page. This is an awesome format, and cutting it in half just doesn't work. I don't have much hope right now for the ereader, especially where informational text is concerned. Putting a full double page spread on a 7" screen is just too small an image, especially when there are captions, diagrams, and text vignettes in smaller print.

Who will be the first company to come out with a double-page ereader that has a book-like gutter?