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The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt I'm a happy reader. I asked the library to order this a couple months ago and put it on hold for me. So I'm first in line! I picked it up yesterday and haven't been able to sit down to read. But I did look through the front and back matter while we were at the doctor with Pearl (getting a cast on her soccer thumb), and was disappointed because I expected a written apology or at least an explanation for why it took Donna Tartt 11 years to write this book. That's 69.9 pages per year, 5.8 pages per month, 1.3 pages per week, or 1/5 page each day. Hm. A paragraph a day. I could try that.

If I got a chance to interview Donna Tartt, I'd try to get her to confess that she wrote the whole thing in the last two years. Also, has she signed a contract for the next book? And how painfully long is she planning on dragging that one out? Does she sketch out the lines she is going to use to delay her editor? Does she laugh out loud or just inside when she's spending her advance?

It's the most spartan book design I've seen in ages. Nothing on the back jacket flap, very plain design! The same bio we've been seeing on anything Tartt since [b:The Little Friend|775346|The Little Friend|Donna Tartt|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1327936589s/775346.jpg|1808852] came out in 2002.