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Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space - Dominic Walliman, Ben Newman The text offers a basic encyclopedic approach to space topics, with some great information on Big Bang, formation and demise of stars. There are a few on the Sun and Moon, one for each orbit in the Solar System, and a few on the road forward in space exploration. I didn't feel like this was a book wholly about Frontiers of space. But as a basic encyclopedic approach, I enjoyed both the thoroughness and the selection of topics beyond the planets.

Newman's graphic design and illustration are remarkable, and I wonder how the two got together for this book? The artful illustrations are the signature of Flying Eye Books, so I'd like to know whether the project was conceived and designed by illustrator first, who then looked for an astronomer? Or the other way around? Or was it the editorial staff who came up with the idea and found both? I'll ask and see what I can find out.

As a combination, the work of both Walliman and Newman is an engaging 'infographic' sort of approach. With a book like this, I really want to see a visual presentation that competes with the photography-based books. And yes, I was drawn in!