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The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up - Stacy Tornio, Ken Keffer, Rachel Riordan So it seems almost wrong to call this kind of text 'informational' because the only thing it informs you of is what you could do. It's a bucket list. I really enjoyed it, because it was just about the simple stuff anyone can do when they're walking around outside. While some of the items are geographically specific, and others take special equipment I felt like the lion's share were doable anywhere. Turn over a big rock. Watch bats at sunset. Other ideas just take a little education. Letterboxing is a lot like geocaching but without the need for GPS. Mushrooming could end badly.

I'm going to get a copy of this for the family (Lu got it for me from the library. It will be great to help us all find some things to do outside the house!

Riordan's spot illustrations added a friendly decorative tone to the book, likely to be attractive to parents (they have that feel of modern home decor from Target).

This book credits two different designers, one for text design and another for layout. There's a lot of color-coding used in the text to structure it, and plenty of layout work separating various text features and placing the illustrations and text. Maggie Peterson, layout editor, most likely had to work closely with Riordan, because her layouts would have determined the need for specific illustrations.