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A Place for Turtles - Melissa Stewart, Higgins Bond This is the third 2013 title I've read by Melissa Stewart. She seems to be a prolific powerhouse in the informational book field these past few years. Unfortunately, she is also signing on as a disciple of the Common Core...

I haven't seen as much problem-solution thought structure in informational books as I would like, so it was good to read Stewart's simple, straightforward problem-solution sentences and sidebars.

Her solutions were more interesting when they were positive, giving people something they should do instead of telling them what not to do. There were only three negatives, and the writing would have been better if it had stayed consistent.

Instead of "when people stop using plastic bags" the sentence could have used her suggestion from the sidebar "when people take reusable bags with them to the store". Instead of "when lawmakers stop people from hunting" it would be more appropriate to discuss wildlife management techniques that allow permit-based hunting and conservation (prohibiting hunting completely usually only leads to poaching, and a black market). Instead of "when people stop collecting turtles" encourage people to collect via photography, which has been a great solution for many endangered species.