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Paul Thurlby's Wildlife - Paul Thurlby As far as information books go, there are other books that do far more than this. There is really only a handful of facts here, moving quickly from animal to animal, without the depth of focus one animal might have given.

Thurlby uses this well-known type of children's book as an excuse to show off his illustration style, which is a lot of fun to look at. His digital creations look exacly like block or screen prints on vintage salvaged paper. I suspect he actually scanned or photographed vintage paper for each of the backgrounds. It all combines into a satisfying retro poster or postcard look.

Tigerskin endsheets--very sexy. The fact that the dust jacket converts into a wall poster is one of those details that will drive librarians crazy (or just the patrons) when they realize they have to put the plastic cover over the jacket and tape it down. Oh, well!