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Dogs and Cats - Steve Jenkins The remarkable thing about this book is that he does so many things with the paper to give the cats and dogs realistic features. I enjoyed that. It appears Jenkins does his own design with maybe staff designers behind him.

The 'turn the book over' thing is just a gimmick and I'm not sure it actually helps the book any. Kind of interesting and made me pay attention to the bookness of the thing.

So I read this book at the same time I had the DK Eyewitness Cat book out on my Kobo ereader. Jenkins' book said cats have no collarbone, and the DK book said clearly that they DO have a collarbone. I went to the internet and found they were both wrong. What cats do have is unattached clavicles that enable the cat to collapse the collarbone structure to pass through narrow spaces. Come on guys, do the research! I found this more detailed information on wikipedia and in three other places. Because the dog and cat sub-genre is so thoroughly overdone, I guess people don't even consider doing careful research or going to the science. Any veterinary book on cats would have had this information.