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Eight Days Gone - Linda McReynolds, Ryan O'Rourke The sing-song rhythm and rhyming text identify this as intended for preschool readers and probably as a read-aloud. As an informational book, each page probably leaves more questions than it answers while presenting a fairly complete outline story of this Apollo mission (I was disappointed that the Eagle's landing was not given a picture).

The small set of annotated sources and additional information would give a more complete multimedia experience, so it's good that these resources were included and made this a well-sourced book.

The illustrations wholly correspond to text, with no complementary or contrapuntal bits in either pictures or text. This makes the pairing of McReynolds and O'Rourke's work less interesting.

Design by Diane M. Earley was well done, identifying just the right spots for the text and putting the words in alternating black and white to contrast with the light or dark backgrounds.