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Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey - Mini Grey I probably should have read the first installment in this series before this one. I spent the whole time wondering why he was called "traction" man.

I shelved this as a graphic novel, because there's a lot here that draws on the comics.

I looked for a long time at the end sheets before starting, and it really immersed me in the pop-culture advertised toys world. I enjoy the idea that the story starts from Traction Man's point of view instead of the boy's. This makes the imagined world more in the foreground. Grey does a lot to minimize my active participation in the boy's world, instead letting much of the action continue from the toy's point of view. I think this is a difficult trick to pull off.

Three stars? Not much of a plot to speak of. Toy and boy go to beach, dog loses doll, girl finds doll, boy finds girl and they play together. It's the pop culture jokes that keep things moving in this book!