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Archie - Domenica More Gordon An interesting example of a wordless picturebook, because there are words all over it--but these words are more about subtext through sound effects. Kind of like an episode of Mr. Bean. The story is still mostly a picture narrative.

Still, it's interesting to think about how this book would signify without the environmental print/sound effect words. I have to say I really enjoy the trend of handwritten text in picturebooks over the past 10-15 years. I think it takes extra skill in design and illustration to be able to do this and make it come off. Gordon does well at this aspect of it. Her design is very tight, and her drawing skill is impeccable.

I just wish there had been something different about the story. The whole narrative leads up to a visual gag (which did make me chuckle). But I thought it was a lot of book just to end with a little sight joke, which didn't really do much with the strengths Gordon had set up throughout the book.

Gordon's drawing is rough around the edges, but each image still feels super tidy. Her magazine / greeting-card style of illustration is well-known in that sphere of publication, and she is totally in control of her skill. I wouldn't mind seeing more picture books drawn by her, and would like to see this same kind of sensitivity from her illustration bleed over into her construction of the story. Maybe she should find a partnership with a really great writer.