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Rain Makes Applesauce - Julian Scheer, Marvin Bileck Thanks for sharing this, Lu! I love the illustrations, and how they complement the rhythmic free verse feel of the single line text. There's something about the quilted, patchwork look of Bileck's illustrations that reminds me of Arcimboldo's paintings. My favorite one was "The wind blows backwards all night long..." Most of all, I loved reading the inscription inside and knowing it was your copy and that it has a history with your family.

There's a prescient, or on the edge psychedelic thing going on here--about 3-4 years too early to be part of the Seymour Chwast, Yellow Submarine style. Maybe it's more neo-folk? Anyway, I always think of John Lennon instead of Edward Lear when I read nonsense literature.

What do we make of nonsense literature if we can't make sense of it?