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A is for Salad - Mike Lester I hadn't seen a good parody in a long time when I grabbed this book a few years ago. It reminded me of John Lennon's ABC, which I found in January 1995 in the old NCSA Mosaic days--one of the first things that made me believe in the internet!

A is for Parrot which we can plainly see.
B is for glasses which we can plainly see.
C is for plastic which we can plainly see
D is for Doris
E is for binoculars 9 1/4 get it in five
F is for Ethel who lives next door
G is for Orange which we love to eat when we can get them because they came from abroad.
H is for England and (Heather)
I is for monkey we see in the tree
J is for parrot which we can plainly see.
K is for shoe, top we wear to the ball
L is for Lana because brum
M is for Venezuela where the oranges came from
N is for Brazil near Venezuela (very near)
O is for football which we luck about a bit
T is for Tommy who won the war.
Q is a garden which we can plainly see.
K is for intestines which hurt when we dance
S is for pancake or whole wheat bread.
U is for Ethal who lives on the hill
P is arals and her sister will.
V is for we
W is for lighter which never lights
X is easter - have one yourself
Y is a crooked letter and you can't straighten it.
Z is for Apple which we can plainly see.
This is my story both humble and true
take it to pieces and mend it with glue.
John Lennon 1969. Feb.
(This version came from an old issue of Merseybeat magazine, and is different from the one you can find on the New Yorker web site.)