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How Robots Work

How Robots Work - Jenny Moss This "Edge" series from Capstone pairs basic bare bones writing with large photos or hyper-realistic artwork to cover a topic. The topic is divided into chapters, and within each chapter subheaders deal with subtopics. Text boxes provide additional relevant facts on the subtopic.

The rationale for this book is that it takes a topic like Robots and spans a wide breadth of subtopics. I was expecting I could find this information on the internet, but not all gathered into one place. In this case, nearly EVERYTHING in the book was already gathered and organized on the Wikipedia page. The added photos don't really justify this kind of duplication. If I were doing or assigning a report on this subject, I would want the researcher to be the one finding and adding the photos to each subtopic for an active, visual learning experience--not just finding stock photos in a book.