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The Great Molasses Flood: Boston, 1919 - Deborah Kops This slice of Boston history was a great read. Kops made it into a page-turner for me. While I was far less interested in the information after the flood, Kops kept the thread of characters weaving through that portion of the book to keep me thinking about how things turned out for Martin, or Teresa. This helped make the protracted legal battle interesting to hear about. Again, I really enjoy these small cuts through overlooked historical events and everyday characters. It reminds me of [b:Heroes of the Surf|11737298|Heroes of the Surf|Elisa Carbone|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347876799s/11737298.jpg|16686484] that way.

About a dozen old photographs of twisted metal and knee deep molasses were the bits I browsed to repeatedly--these were engaging artifacts. Otherwise, this book is all text all the time (reading, who knew?)

Anyway, in February 1990, this very same thing happened -right here- in Loveland, Colorado. No fatalities, but a flood of molasses swamped buildings and property in one of the oldest parts of town! Coincidentally, it was the Boston Globe that broke the story. 'SWEETHEART CITY' HIT BY MOLASSES: Associated Press. Boston Globe [Boston, Mass] 17 Feb 1990: 53.